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ANKA construction hoists for personnel and materials is being used in all kinds of applications. The standard product line of ANKA construction hoists offer the most advantageous vertical transport solution for low rise, medium and high rise constructions of all types. Typical applications can include all new construction, restoration, expansion and whenever it is a need for vertical lifting. Transporting both materials and passengers with a single or dual configuration, eliminate the need for separate personnel and materials elevators. Many industries use ANKA construction hoists for full-time operations, the purpose being to carry personnel, materials, and equipment quickly between floors.  
ANKA’s product line of rack and pinion industrial elevators are being used in every type of industries. Many industrial plants use ANKA Industrial elevators for daily operations. Designed to withstand the most extreme conditions of the world's unpleasant indoor and outdoor environments. ANKA elevators has been proven to be essential in all industrial plants and applications to include but not limited to Shutdowns, Bridges, Cement, Chemical, Mining, Oil & Gas, Off Shore, Ports, Power ,Pulp & Paper, Solar, Steel,Shipyards and Wind Mills. Access and maintenances elevators in less harsh environments also value from our advanced technical experience gained from delivering our products around the world.
ANKA material hoists are the right solution for vertical lifting of material at all construction sites. Material hoists is a good addition to tower cranes, the purpose being to carry materials, and equipment quickly between the ground and higher floors, or between floors in the middle of a structure. Anka material hoists are a very efficient, economical and safe alternative to conventional construction hoists and is assembled with the same basic components like mast, electrical drive unit and platform decks. For precisely controlled travel along the mast sections, modern construction hoists use a motorized rack-and-pinion system that climbs the mast sections at various speeds.

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