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ANKA hoist has developed advanced technology for vertical lifting, all ANKA hoists are manufactured with the superior design ideas and modern elevator techniques. The Construction Hoist , Industrial Elevator and the Material Hoist  are constructed solid, durable and provide stability and reliability. ANKA elevator has a perfect performance record, low noise, high speed efficiency and economical use. The new generation of frequency inverter with special design software to provide a stable transfer by regulating the acceleration / deceleration, which reduces the need for maintenance on equipment, and extends the life time of the system. The safety over-speed device and over-load features make the system reliable and even safer. More flexibility, More intelligence, Higher experience. Attractive design: Punching steel and Aluminum plate walls. Inside Stainless steel control box. Joystick panel on both ends Aluminum alloy Door frame, optional side gate . ANKA hoist is the best choice for safe and high efficient vertical access. The technology integration and ratio of performance to price of our elevators will meet all our customers' expectations. With our advanced high-tech facility and significant know-how. With a clean and environmentally-friendly workshop. ANKA hoist manufactures a reliable, high performance Rack and Pinion  Elevators and provide a highly efficient and economical vertical lifting solution for the global market.
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